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Calcium Ascorbate ֠Natural USP Buffered Vitamin C Crystalline Powder ֠9% Ca / 82% Ascorbic Acid, 25 kg

Size:25 kg (55 Pound)

Calcium Ascorbate, otheriwse known as Ascorbic Acid, is a buffered Vitamin C powder in a pure, raw form. This Ascorbic Acid is 100% Natural Vitamin C in a fine granular powder and may be added to foods and beverages or smoothies and green drinks. It is a pure white powder and has no fillers or binders, additives or preservatives. Various sizes available for personal use and quantity discounts available on bulk-packed foods and food powders for commercial uses. Only the highest quality natural food and bulk ingredients are sourced through family-owned Prescribed For Life Nutrition. Thank you for shopping with us and please come again!

Very Powerful Natural Anti-OxidantHelps enhance immune functionPromotes male reproductive healthDaily calcium source with anti-aging properties

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